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SAM photography is a Walsall based photographic studio specialising in both professional and commercial photography including business profiles. Our fully equipped drive in studio is available for hire including white room and green screen facilities together with video editing and photo retouching.

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Rule of thirds

See how the boat in this picture is at the top of the picture, accentuating the anchor? the bottom of the boat is about a third (perhaps a bit less) from the top of the frame. The anchor is about a third from the bottom of the frame. This "rule of thirds" is a useful tip to help you get started on composition.


Give your subject a bit of space around it. The guidelines here are:

  1. Allow the subject to look or move into an empty space. Try cropping a picture of a car traveling in two ways: one with the car moving into empty road, and another with the front of the car jammed against the frame and a lot of empty road behind it. Which do you prefer?
  2. Crop really really tight. Instead of allowing a portrait to breathe, for example, just crop the photo so that only the eyes, nose and mouth are visible -- not even the hair or ears or chin. Which is the more effective photo?

Watch for busy backgrounds

Throw them out of focus or move your own point of view so that the background is no long distracting.

Leading the eye

Lines in a picture should lead the eye into the picture. Using the above boat picture as an example, the eye will find the anchor as a focal point then follow the chain to the box of the boat. From there, the eye will follow the line of the bow up and out of the frame. A more pleasing composition could have had the anchor chain leading toward the center of the image rather than toward the left side. Placing a vertical line, such as a dock piling, on the left side of the image would stop the eye from wandering out of the frame.

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