Our team of talented creatives at SAM Photography have all the skills to create your perfect shot. From concept to finished image, we can: design it; build it; polish it; film it; re-touch it; clip it; cook it; post-edit it; and most importantly photograph it!

Our combined expertise of over 45 years in the Industrial and Commercial world means we can offer our clients a wealth of knowledge to ensure they make the right choices when creating and improving their brand image.

“Being in the photographic industry for many years I have worked directly with clients of all sizes including major ad agencies and design groups. As I am based just north of Birmingham, the majority of my work is in the Midlands and surrounding areas but I also regularly work in Europe and futher afield.
Establishing my business over 14 years ago gave me the freedom to pursue my own ambitions and to fine-tune my skills in photoshop and digital manipulation. I retouch all my own images and love nothing more than sitting down with a client to develop an idea for a shoot over a coffee.”

“Hi I’m Andy..I’ve been working in the visual media industry for over 26 years. After graduating from university I’ve worked nationwide and in Europe with many companies helping to improve their product library and corporate image, both in photography, animation and video presentation.
Give me a call and lets be creative …..everything is possible!”
“It’s a team effort….from art direction, food preparation, set design & build and post production. We cover all aspects of the shoot from initial brief to final output, making sure the client is happy with the end result.”

“It’s not as easy as just clicking a button. In the age of instant everything…SAM Photography works hard to think about the detail, the preparation, the time and most of all the people behind the shoot and their requirements “
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“All members of our team are equally as important as the camera operator. Our dynamic group has a wealth of experience and works collaboratively to help bring the client’s concept to life. From the initial brainstorming of ideas to design and scheduling the final output, the team work together to achieve your goals…..with you…to get the best results.”