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SAM photography is a Walsall based photographic studio specialising in both professional and commercial photography including business profiles. Our fully equipped drive in studio is available for hire including white room and green screen facilities together with video editing and photo retouching. We provide stusio hire in theBbirmingham area also.

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Wide Angle Lenses

OIn photography and cinematography, a wide-angle lens is a lens whose focal length is substantially shorter than the focal length of a normal lens for the image size produced by the camera, whether this is dictated by the dimensions of the image aperture at the film plane for film cameras (film format)[1] or dimensions of the photosensor for digital cameras. Studio Hire Birmingham

Generally, the normal lens for a particular format is approximately the diagonal distance from opposite corners of the image aperture or photosensor. (It is said to be "normal" because a lens of this focal length provides more or less normal perspective.) For example, for a full-frame 35 mm camera with a 36 mm by 24 mm format, the diagonal measures 43.3 mm and by custom, the normal lens adopted by most manufacturers is 50 mm. Therefore, also by custom, a lens of focal length 35 mm or less is considered wide-angle.

Common wide-angle lenses for a full-frame 35 mm camera are 35, 28, 24, 21, 18 and 14 mm. These lenses will produce a more or less rectilinear image at the film plane (though some degree of barrel distortion is not uncommon here). Studio Hire Birmingham

Studio Hire Birmingham

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